Book Review: The Path of Druidry by Penny Billington

Image: The Path of Druidry

Image source: Llewellyn Worldwide

‘The Path of Druidry: walking the ancient green way’ by Penny Billington, is a complete course of study for those wanting to practice contemporary Druidry.

Penny shares her first hand knowledge, as an OBOD Druid, in clear conversational language with a hint of warm humour. The book is steeped in the Celtic mythology of the Mabinogion. Within each story Penny skillfully unlocks ideas that enlighten us to our humanness.

Each of the twelve clearly laid out chapters have a balance of thoughtfulness, theory and practical ways of trying out Druidry. To get the most from this book make the subtitle ‘walking the ancient green way’ literally and be prepared to get outdoors and explore. Even though Penny uses imagery from her home in Britain, I found it easy to relate the ideas in the book to New Zealand once I put my walking shoes on and explored her ideas in my local environment.

‘The Path of Druidry’ has plenty for everyone seeking to open their senses to the Druidic world of wonder while being thoroughly engaged at home, work and within their community. The book can be read by beginners who want a good foundation, and for those who want to expand their own familiar druidic practices. You are encouraged to delve deep into the treasure here.