Podcasts: What are they and how to use them?

A podcast is like radio show that you can listen to any time after it’s recorded and uploaded to the Internet.

There are many ways you can listen to a podcast.

If you have iTunes you can go to the podcast section and find the podcast you want to listen to, download it on to your computer or device (iPod, iPad, iPhone etc). You can also subscribe to podcasts so that the latest one downloads into iTunes when it gets up loaded.

Another way is to go to the podcast’s website. This will sometimes have additional notes about things mentioned in the podcast or have links to sites featured. On this page you can usually click on a link to listen to the podcast online. You can also right click and ‘save as’ like in the image below. This will download the podcast on to your computer so you can listen to it on your computers music player or put it on your mp3 player or a CD.

Blog podcasts

Podcasts can be great to listen to in the car, especially if your trip is half an hour to an hour long, the usual length of a podcast. But maybe check the description first, so you don’t find yourself doing a meditation mid-drive!

Now that you know about podcasts, go check out our reviews on some recommended podcasts in our Grove Media section.


– Mary


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