Podcast review: Druidcast


As one of our first reviews on Podcasts we start with the OBOD podcast called DruidCast.

DruidCast is hosted by Damh the Bard. It comes out monthly and features songs, interviews and talks recorded at festivals. I am sure that we will feature posts about DruidCast in the future and some of us may like to include favourite episode suggestions in the comment section below.

However, I would like to bring your attention to Episode 03.


DruidCast Episode 03 was recorded way back in 2007 and it features an interview with Pamela on Druidry in the Southern Hemisphere, where she talks about the naming and beginnings of The Grove of the Summer Stars. It’s worth listening to if you weren’t around the Grove back then to gain some insight into our history. If you were around in the beginning, I am sure it will be of interest to remember how far we have come.
– Mary


2 thoughts on “Podcast review: Druidcast

  1. Hey! Just found this blog! And how great to be reminded of ‘history’ – we’re starting to have been doing this long enough to be developing traditions and history which is marvellous! As Bards memory is important – there is a power in Now but also in Then!
    Big waves and hugs from across the seas! Philip /|\


  2. Big waves and hugs back from the South, Philip!

    It’s fascinating to look back on old traditions, and think about how the changes were made. When I joined the grove I loved discovering the little stories about the grove, like its special trees, Pamela’s search for her perfect place, and the history of our camps…


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