The Heart of Camp

Around this time of year we begin to seriously prepare for our annual Lunasdagh Druid Camp. I have attended camp the last 5 years and I look forward to it every year.

Camp is held for 4 or so days during Wellington Anniversary weekend. I have learnt to take the day before off to prepare and pack in. At camp, everyone takes time to listen to each other and share opinions thoughtfully in a way that unfortunately doesn’t often happen in our day to day lives, so after a nasty culture shock going back to work after camp I have learnt to take a day off afterwards too.

At our camp we have work shops centred on a chosen theme. On one of the evenings during camp we usually have time to share stories. I love how over the years some of these stories have grown and become a part of our Grove story. And I look forward to adding to them at our coming camp.

At our camp opening we light a candle. We keep this flame alight until our closing ceremony at the end of camp. I have always loved that we do this, and enjoy spending time watching as the candle burns bright during the night. Last year we lit our own candles from the camp candle each day and placed it around in a star shape (photograph above). This was an addition to our camp candle that I hope we carry with us as it was beautiful.

Every morning we start the day with a meeting, where we all say a word on how we are feeling so we can check in with each other. This is a beautiful way to start the day, listening to each other and knowing we are being heard. It helps set the tone for the rest of the day of sharing and learning.

The theme we are working with for next year has me pretty excited, and I am sure we will write some blog post of some of our activities, so watch this space.

– Mary



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