The Wild Hunt

This week I thought bring attention to the awesome pagan blog The Wild Hunt. Many of you may already be aware of this website as it has been around doing great work in the Pagan community for many years now.

The Wild Hunt is Pagan news and commentary journal that publishes daily articles. These articles range from events facing the Pagan community to Pagan perspectives on current events around the world.

Originally founded by Jason Pitzl, The Wild Hunt now has 3 weekly writers and 10 regular columnists. Once a week they have a post called Pagan Community Notes, where they highlight events that have recently happened or about to happen within the Pagan community worldwide.

The columns range from topics such as mythology and it’s relevance today to perspectives on death. The Wild Hunt also has been reporting on the Standing Rock situation and what outspoken Pagans views were after the recent American election.

The Wild Hunt is well worth keeping an eye on. 



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