The Christmas Fairy

Have you ever wondered how Santa and Krumpus gather names for their naughty and nice list? They use fairies of course!

The Christmas Fairy is the fairy in charge. She makes sure that all the children has a fairy who is monitoring their behaviour. The fairy who has you will usually have about 5 other children in your neighbourhood that they keep an eye on.

The fairies watch you as you play with your friends and when you spend time with your family. They know if you have been hitting your little sister or if you have lied to your parents and got your brother in trouble. They know if you haven’t been sharing with your friends or excluding someone from your play. When they notice that you are doing a lot of these things they pass your name on to Krumpus!

Krumpus is a terrible old grinch of a character. He will put coal in your stockings, even though nobody should be using coal because it isn’t a renewable energy source! He makes a huge mess when eating the cookies and he prefers rum to milk so will spill the milk all over the living room! As for presents he will leave none!

If the fairy who is watching you notices that you are offering to help look after your little brother, or that you are listening to your older sister when she is watching out for you they will suggest that your name goes on the list for Santa. They might observe you inviting the new, shy child to join your game. Or perhaps they have seen you tidy your toys away when you have finished playing with them. All these will help you get reported to Santa.

Santa will visit you on Christmas Eve while you are asleep. He won’t leave a mess while eating any treats you may leave him. Although Mrs Claws ask that some of you leave him some fruit instead! Santa will leave some yum and interesting treats in your stockings and the Christmas Fairy works with his elves to help him deliver the gifts the children want or need.

So next time you have to decide if you are going to be naughty or nice, check to see if your fairy is around!

– Mary


Criminal Buddha

Recently I have become obsessed with true crime podcasts. I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of this but I did come across a particular episode that I thought many of you would be interested in.

The episode is from a podcast called Criminal which is usually an interview on various aspects of crime. They have featured interviews with dog handlers, ex cons, victims and other professionals and people that have been involved with crime in general.

The episode I want to draw your attention to is Episode 15: He’s neutral. It is about a couple who put up a Buddha statue in their neighbourhood and it transformed their community. Next time you have a spare 15 minutes give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below!



Sustainability and green living is a very big part of my daily practice as a Druid. To me, it is so important to be living in a way that works with Mother Earth and help protect her for future generations. I do this is through making conscious choices about how I discard of our waste and how and what we buy. This isn’t always easy and I am constantly seeking to expand on my knowledge and question the way I am consuming.

I am planing a couple of posts that will detail ways that I have found to live sustainably or sharing resources that I have discovered  or highlighting companies that make things that help. Sometimes these companies are small and don’t have the advertising power that similar products have as their products last longer and they aren’t drawing in repeat users as often. These companies need our support to keep going.

I know that many of you already try to live in a green way as well. If you want to share any of the ways you do things please feel free to flick us an email or leave a comment to make sure that it gets covered in these posts. I look forward to seeing our discussions around this!