Women sustainability 

Sorry menfolk. This post is going to be more for women. I hope to get a post more suited for men in the future.

But for today let’s talk about our menstrual cycle! For many of you this can be a skirmish subject to think and talk about. Exploring why our society doesn’t accept our bodily functions might be a post for another day.

As females we can produce a lot of waste each month when we have our period so I thought we could explore some more environmental friendly options. I heard about Moon Cups a year ago, but asimg_2563 I am a pad user instead of a tampon user I wasn’t pushed to make the move. A couple of months ago I found out about reusable pads. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to look before, after all it was our our foremothers dealt with their monthly!

As soon as I read about them I ordered a variety to try out from Trade Me. They come in various different colours and thickness. My personal favourite are sold by Skin Deep Boutique.  It has an absorbent bamboo inner which fold up nicely looking like a little purse in your bag. There are domes on all of them that help them stay in place, like wings on disposables. It is also handy for folding over a used one and popping into a zip lock bimg_3245ag or or a little bag like one I got from Ecomoon Boutique, for when you are out and about.

If you have a few to last you 2 days you can soak and wash one days worth while wearing the other. I keep a bucket in my laundry that I just pop them in to soak, refreshing the water each time. Sometimes they can take some time to dry so I have enough to last 3 days.

There are more than just benefits for the environment with making the switch. There are benefits to your wallet and body as well. After making the initial purchase you shouldn’t need to buy more for years, instead of spending $8 a month! The real thrifty of you could even look at making your own!
I have noticed that the reusable pads sit and feel a lot nicer against my body. My cramps aren’t as painful and my flow isn’t as heavy. Other reported benefits include:

  • Less rashes from the lack of airflow caused by disposable pads
  • Avoiding the toxins that are byproducts of bleaching during the making of disposable pads
  • You can get really pretty fabrics that make you smile and feel good


If you are more of a tampon person than a pad then I would highly recommend investing in a Mooncup. They are soft, silicone cups that you insert instead of a tampon. When it is time to change instead you pull it out, clean it and then reinsert it. They have a little stem to help. They have much the same benefits as reusable pads:

  • Good for environment
  • Saves you money
  • Non toxic
  • Ideal for those with sensitive skin
  • Can get in various colours if you wish
  • They also have the added benefit of not running out because you only need one!

If you really can’t stand the idea of using these great, reusable products and want to stick to disposablimg_3244es then I recommend checking out the tampons and pads that The Organic Initiative are making.

I really hope that this post has made you reconsider how you work with your body’s menstrual cycle. Please feel free to share this with your fellow sisters and share your experiences in the comments below!

– Mary



Sustainability and green living is a very big part of my daily practice as a Druid. To me, it is so important to be living in a way that works with Mother Earth and help protect her for future generations. I do this is through making conscious choices about how I discard of our waste and how and what we buy. This isn’t always easy and I am constantly seeking to expand on my knowledge and question the way I am consuming.

I am planing a couple of posts that will detail ways that I have found to live sustainably or sharing resources that I have discovered  or highlighting companies that make things that help. Sometimes these companies are small and don’t have the advertising power that similar products have as their products last longer and they aren’t drawing in repeat users as often. These companies need our support to keep going.

I know that many of you already try to live in a green way as well. If you want to share any of the ways you do things please feel free to flick us an email or leave a comment to make sure that it gets covered in these posts. I look forward to seeing our discussions around this!