Voices on the Wind


Last weekend three of us trekked up to the top of the Tor to add our voices to the Warriors Call. The Warriors Call is a group the protests against fracking. For the past 5 years they have organised a worldwide ritual day where groups or individuals can gather  to do a ritual to add energy to the anti fracking movement. This years ritual, Voices on the Wind, was held on the 15th of October.

When I brought up the idea of doing Voices on the Wind at Spring Equinox 2 others in our Grove jumped at the idea. The number 3 is often considered a magical number. In the Druid tradition we have the 3 Awens, the 3 drops of inspiration. And 3 became made a recurring appearance throughout our ritual.

I first noticed the number 3 when I was drawing the Warriors Call sigil to create a flag for the ritual. I noted that there were sets of 3 lines, like the Awen symbol. Then only the 3 of us turned up for the ritual. And to top it of when we got to the top of the Tor we discovered 3 sheep!

When we came together we discussed each of our motivations for wanting to do this ritual. We felt that it was time more people became aware of the damage fracking was doing to our Mother Earth. We want people to be more aware of renewable choices and sustainable living. We were also upset by damage caused to our own home lands by fracking and oil drilling. We focused our energy on the spread of knowledge, the healing of Mother Earth and resounding NO to fracking!

On top of the Tor we did a simple bardic ritual and spoke of our intent. We chanted 9 cascading Awens into the wind. After our call we threw lime dust into the wind to strengthen the earth, as we called more of our intention.

It felt good to answer a call to action, to do something to aid Papatuanuku, Earth Mother. It is my hope that we will continue to aid her, spreading the knowledge needed to help her. For more information on fracking and the Warriors Call please visit their website here. Look out for further blog posts containing information on how you can live more sustainable.